Press & Reviews

“The Nuyorican Jazz Experience is Messiah’el Bey’s finest solo work to date. Not only does this album express the cultural experience of New York’s Afro-Latino, African-American, Caribbean, Latino, Moorish-American, and Puerto Rican populations, but extends its gnosis to the musical contributions of these ethnicities from which Jazz music emerged.” – URBFASH (Review of The Nuyorican Jazz Experience published on December 17, 2019) 

“Expansive instrumental sections of songs sees Messiah’el Bey skillfully add and detract instruments while building the grand groove of it all.  He’s most effective when he transposes melodic concepts to instruments this way, and plays in sweetly curving licks before fracturing into staccato blurts.”  - XTTRAWAVE (2019 Review of the Nuyorican Jazz Experience) 

“When, as a reviewer, you’re confronted by a body of work that’s so clearly got a great story behind it, you want to sink your fingers into the back story to find out where on earth it came from.” – Stereo Stickman (August 30th, 2019 Review of The Nuyorican Jazz Experience)